Graduation Requirements

REQUIREMENTS for Class of 2019 and Forward

English 4 Credits
Social Studies (US History I and II, US Gov. and SS Elective) 3 Credits
Science 3 Credits
Math 3 Credits
Health 1/2 Credit
Physical Education 2 Credits
Financial Literacy 1/2 Credit
Applied Fine Art 1 Credit
Electives 5 Credits

Total 22 Credits

In order to receive a Westfield High School Diploma, all students must pass
Students must pass the ELA and Mathematics MCAS tests at Proficiency Level (240).  If they do not reach 240, an Educational Proficiency Plan must be established and successfully completed in order to graduate with a diploma.

The WHS Program of Studies contains those courses which are available to
complete a four year study in preparation for college, business and career
exploration.  Knowledge is power: therefore, Westfield High
School encourages students to approach the world with wonder and curiosity.
All students will be given every opportunity to learn at challenging levels.
Students must select courses with extreme care.  Students must seek input 
and advice from the guidance department, teachers, and parents in selecting
their courses.  If a student selects a course that is graded "Pass" or "Fail", the 
grade earned will not be calculated in the students' class rank or GPA