MCAS Announcement

Westfield High School Families

On Tuesday, March 26th and Wednesday, march 27th all WHS sophomores will be taking the MCAS English Language Arts Exam.

All sophomores should report to their test sites at 7:23.  It is very important that all students get a good night sleep and eat breakfast prior to testing.

Again,  All sophomores will be taking the MCAS exam on Tuesday March 26th and Wednesday March 27th.

We will be operating on a two hour delay schedule for all freshmen, juniors and seniors in order to allow MCAS testing to take place uninterrupted and without distractions. 

Buses will run at their normal times however.  Any freshmen, juniors or seniors who need to arrive at our normal starting time of 7:23 can take the bus and will be provided with an opportunity to participate in a study hall in the cafeteria or gymnasium.

All sophomores must report at our normal starting time of 7:23 on march 26th and March 27th and Our scheduled school day for Freshmen, Juniors and seniors will begin at 9:23.  attendance will be taken in all A period classes at 9:23.