English 11-12

English 11-12


This course provides instruction in Speaking and Listening, Language, Writing, Reading Literature and Informational texts.  The students will read and utilize a variety of materials, such as : novels, short stories, dramas, poetry, magazine/newspaper articles. film, and technology, when appropriate.

1. All students are expected to bring a writing utensil and maintain a daily agenda.

2. Open responses and compositions, projects, oral presentations, completed assignments and assessments determine academic progress.  Missing work will be forwarded to Academic Support class as needed.

3. All students are expected to follow the rule outlined in the WPS Student Handbook.

4. Please log in to Power School to check on your student's progress.

5. I am available on Thursdays for after school help, or other times previously arranged.

6. Students are expected to actively engage in classroom assignments and are graded for work completion and participation.

7. Any questions or concerns please email me at

Currently, we are reading the novel Tunes for Bears to Dance To, including supplementary activities about the Holocaust in Germany.