Academic Support

This class is intended for student’s needing supportive tutoring within a small group setting to access grade level content curriculum.  Utilizing consultation with content teachers, organizational and study strategies, and communicating with students & families are integral parts of this program.

Students are expected to engage organizational and study strategies that promote independence as a learner.

Students are expected to self-advocate for assistance when they are confused by the expectations or content of an assignment.

Students are expected to actively participate in their content classes and complete homework at home.

Students are required to maintain a 70% or better to earn a passing grade (Pass/Fail) and will be assessed based on the following criteria:

  1. Being on time to class.
  2. Having your assignment & necessary materials when you arrive to class.
  3. Engaging task directed behaviors for the entire class period.
  4. Demonstrating self-advocacy and appropriate classroom behaviors.
  5. Documenting the work you have completed in Academic Support class