The Jazz Combo

The Jazz Combo


 COURSE:       MU2303                      Jazz Combo

 TEACHER:    Mr. Kennedy   Rm. 133 (Band Room)

 CLASS MATERIALS: Materials for this class will be provided by the band program. Though most students own their own instrument, there are some instruments that the school system provides, primarily large costly instruments such as the acoustic bass, electric piano, etc….

DESCRIPTION: This performance based class gives the instrumentalist/vocalist an understanding of contemporary harmonic techniques including its construction and implementation. Emphasis is based on the development of standard jazz literature in a small group setting

This course will include the following:

  • Many performance opportunities
  • Written evaluations of our own performances
  • Opportunity to pursue involvement in the Western Mass. District Jazz Ensemble
  • Opportunities to travel and perform in festivals throughout the Eastern United States
  • Development of personal musical skills
  • Development of ensemble skills
  • Solo opportunities for the advanced instrumentalist are possible
  • Development of improvisational skills
  • A study of the history of jazz and major artists
  • Creating arrangements of standard tunes
  • Composition of original jazz songs
  • Using music technology as a practical tool

 GRADING:    60%     Class participation, citizenship and behavior (see rubric)

 30%     Performance (see rubric)

 10%     Written assignments and three ring binder (see rubric)

 A complete copy of the Instrumental Music Grading Rubric is available for download here

EXTRA HELP is available after school on Thursdays from 2-3 PM, by appointment