ELA1 & Pre-AP ELA1

English Language Arts -- Team 91

Due Dates & Important Information!

2/2: Quiz on 15 terms (the first set only goes up through F. Get additional details from a classmate if you lost your list.) Here is the list of 100.


  1. Shakespeare Word Wall
  2. Biography Worksheet. The biography requires that you watch a short video.

1/16: Open Response is due by 2:15 for physical submission, or 10:00pm for electronic.

1/12: To Kill a Mockingbird test. Multiple-choice. 20-25 questions. One 3x5 index card is permitted.

1/11: There will be a quiz on this video!

11/20: Flyer/Book Cover & Blurb. This is worth 100 points in the test/essay/project category. Here's my Sample Book Cover

11/17: Creating Conflict Packet is due. You need to watch FCI on Conflict.  

10/25: You should have chosen a novel to read by today. The worksheet that Mr. Hildrith distributes today (details about your novel) is due on Friday when I return. You can hand it in early -- just be sure to place it in the IN BIN for your class. 

I have finished grading all the Steinbeck Mini-Essays that were due on 10/6. I've only graded the ones that were submitted to If you emailed it to me on the due date, I'll count it as on time -- but you still need to submit it to Those of you who did not submit an essay can still do so until Tuesday, October 31st. There will be a late penalty. You need to return the lime-green rubric sheet for scoring. 

The newspaper article can also be submitted until October 31st with a late penalty.

I am available for after-school help these days:
Friday, October 27
Monday, October 30
Tuesday, October 31
I'll be in room 237 -- which is the computer lab across from my classroom. 

10/20: Collaborative (or solo) newspaper article due at midnight.
--The assignment should be turned in through Only one person in the group needs to submit. The MLA header -- as taught in class -- must be included. 
--Please note that the main exercise in this work is to find data to support statements in a pre-written article. It is FINE for students to copy the pre-written article -- this is unusual and would normally violate our plagiarism rules, but again, the focus is on the research and compiling source information. Consider it a kind of practice!
--We had three in-class days for research and writing, including one day with computer access. 


Article Handout

10/13: Notebook Quiz -- POSTPONED! (We'll work on organizing next week.)
10/12: For today you should have read the article title, "How School Taught Me I Was Poor." Distributed on 10/11.
10/11: Today we'll review the Academic Honor Code more formally. If you would like to review the PowerPoint presentation, I have placed a pdf version on this site. It's in the left-hand menu. 
 10/10: Word Wall Poster. (Handout provided on 10/5.)
See the model I made for this: WordWallModel
10/6: Class goals for today:
1. Finish polishing up your final draft. Read your essay out loud to yourself (whisper) to check for grammatical errors. You may want to have a classmate read it too. 

2. Go to and create an account. Use your school email when prompted for an email address. How Set-Up TurnItIn

3. Use the class ID code for your class. The password for all classes is tiskus. Note that the "t" is lowercase.  
B Period: 16375492 
C Period: 16492533
D Period: 16493131
E Period: 16493528
G Period: 16494738

4. You'll see two assignments. Click on submit. Then choose SINGLE FILE UPLOAD. Scroll down until you see the option for Google Docs. Upload your two essays to turnitin. The one that says "revision" is where your final version belongs. You may upload your essay in class or up until midnight tonight.

Tip: Remember that there's one more button to click AFTER your click on submit. This always trips up people. 

Tip: If you do this at home, you need to access your school GoogleDocs. Your school gmail is formatted like this:

5. You're done! Good work! 
10/5: Class goals for today:
1. Make a copy of your rough draft and start a new document. Paste your text into this new document. (Hint: CNTL + C = copy and CNTL + V = paste)
2. Begin adjusting your rough draft into a final version. You'll have a small introduction, maybe even one thesis sentence. Then TWO body paragraphs in the CEI format. Lastly, one small conclusion. Think about specific evidence you can include -- one quotation is required. 
3. Look for some interesting words to include in your mini-essay. Bonus: Words from The Pearl!
4. Stuck? Ask two classmates before me! :)
10/4: Class Goals for today:
1. On a index card answer the following questions, with a 1-4 scale.
    1 = YES, Completely. 
    2 = MOSTLY
    3 = A LITTLE
    4 = NO, not at all. 
A. Did you read The Pearl?
B. Did you watch the study video?
C. Did you annotate The Pearl?
D. Did you read the chapter questions?
E. Did you study with a friend?
F. The letter grade you earned on the test (A-F)
You do not need to put your name on the card.
2. Finish your 300-word rough draft. No quotes are needed at this point, but you could add them if you are able to find them. 
****Are you having trouble reaching your word goal? Think about your internal organization. ****Follow the format of Claim -- Evidence -- Interpretation

3. Read your draft in a quiet voice to yourself. 

 4. Done early? Please ask me to review your work.  Then, you should work on your maps for Mr. Lewis if they are not done yet. :)
10/3: Class Goals for today:

1. Figure out how to access your school email. Send me a message using your mail. My address is

2. Open up a new tab and go to your Google Docs. Start a new document. 
Enter in the top left header as follows:
Your Name
Ms. Tiskus
ELA1 (or Pre-AP ELA1)
6 October 2017

3. Read the open response prompts. 

4. Begin writing a very rough draft on one of the prompts. Aim for 300 words. (Pre-AP aims for 500 words.) It's OK if you don't have any paragraph structure write now. Just write whatever comes to mind. 

5. Here's a link to The Pearl  text. 

10/2: Test on The Pearl
      Click on this link to watch the Test Prep Video

9/29: Vocab #3 Quiz

9/27: Chapter 6 read and annotated. 

9/26: Chapter 5 read and annotated.
*Class time provided Monday-Wednesday to read and study vocabulary.
9/22: Chapter 4 read and annotated. (Class time provided on 9/21.)

9/21: Vocab 2 quiz. You will need to be able to write the definitions for the words (it's not matching). Moved to Thursday to accommodate History class. 

9/19: Read chapter 3 and annotate it. (Time was provided on 9/18.)

9/15: Vocab sentences. Read chapter 2 & annotate.
*Periods B,C & G all have one assigned question from chapter 1 to complete.
*D period is completing all five questions from chapter 1. 
*Time was provided on 9/14 to work on tasks in class. 

9/14: Vocab 2 definitions
*Time was provided on 9/13 to work on task in class. 

9/13: Quiz on Vocab 1

 9/13: Read Ch. 1 & annotate with sticky notes 
*If you're not sure about what to do for annotating, check out this video:
*How to Annotate a Text