AP Lang & Comp

12/3 Buckley Vocabulary Definitions -- Quiz will be Friday, 12/9

1. Virile: manly, masculine, capable of reproduction
2. Doleful: sorrowful
3. Sibilant: whispering
4. Nonchalantly: without a care, freely 
5. Gauntlet: a former punishment, chiefly military, in which the offender was made to run between two rows of men who struck at him with switches or weapons as he passed.
6. Maladjusted: badly adjusted to the situation
7. Supine: inactive/passive due to a lack of caring
8. Vexations: troubles
9. Indignation: outrage
10. Provocation: something that excites or angers
11. Bellicose: eager to fight, angry, hostile
12. Girded: encircled or surrounded
13. Milquetoast: timid, spineless person
14. Ostentatiously: with airs, showy, pretentious
15. Gastric: having to do with the digestive system
16. Supineness: see number #7
17. Impervious: invulnerable, cannot be pierced
18. Brazenly: shameless, boldly
19. Centripetal: directed toward the center
20. Unctuously: pious, religious in an affected manner; oily, smug