AP Lang & Comp

Inquiry Project Resources

Sample Spreadsheet  -- a way of tracking sources in a spreadsheet

Sample Reflection #2 

Sample Work Log -- I'm updating regularly, are you?

Why Track Time? ​-- article about how methods like this are used in the "real" world

Preliminary Annotated Bibliography -- notice this is really a work in progress, updated as I go along. 

Purdue OWL Tips on Annotated Bibliographies
Basically, your narrative for each source should include a summary, an assessment and a reflection. You may weave this into one paragraph for our assignment, but do note that a college class may want you to have a separate paragraph for each task -- which would total THREE written paragraphs per source! This is currently a popular assessment at the college level -- former students have confirmed this!

Sample Outline -- First round of my outline. I often make notes to myself within and then polish it up later if it is something that must be submitted (work/school).

Sample Presentation 2016 -- This link takes you to a a video of my Mark Twain presentation. 

Sample Presentation 2013 -- Poor video quality. Sorry! I was less experienced. This particular year, I required presentations to be 10 minutes each.