Guidelines for Papers
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24 August 2012 (date the essay is due)

Guidelines for Papers

1. Double Spaced (like this document)
2. 12 point font (like this document)
3. Standard font style (Calibri, Cambria, Arial, Times New Roman - like this document)
4. 1” margins on all four sides (like this document)
5. Left Justify (like this document)
6. Heading appears in the above manner
7. Pagination: last name in upper right hand corner with page number (Insert → Page Number)
8. When using a direct quotation/paraphrase, the author’s last name and page number follows in 
a. “I have won the fight” (Steinbeck 35).
b. When any citation is used, a Works Cited listing MUST be included (unless otherwise 
noted); use