Course Description 
Sophomore Literature—Honors
Mrs. Keenan

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Advanced Sophomore Literature is intended to challenge highly motivated students through an in-depth analysis of literature. Novels, plays, short stories, and poetry read may include: The Catcher in the Rye, “The Glass Menagerie”, Lord of the Flies, The Virgin Suicides, “The Tempest”, personal poetry selections, and Shakespearian sonnets. 

• Arrive to class on time
• Be prepared for class (pen, pencil, book, notebook, homework)
• Be respectful of all people in the classroom
• Keep an English notebook
• Take appropriate notes during class as needed
• Keep track of how many times you have been tardy to class and your absences; they creep up quickly.

• Essays/Tests 60%
• Homework 20%
• Quizzes 20 % 

• Deadlines for making up essays, tests and classwork will be posted on the board.
• Work CANNOT be made up after the posted deadline.
• Work MAY NOT be made up for any cut classes.

• The Academic Honor Code will be strictly enforced.
• All essays will be submitted to
• Set up your turn it in account ASAP
• Sophomore Literature-Honors: A/G
o ID# 
• Cell phones will be used periodically for in-class polling. Please know if you have 
unlimited texting, as standard texting rates will apply if you do not.
• When not polling, cell phones must be OFF and AWAY; if this policy is violated, all cell 
phone polling will cease.
• Any inappropriate submissions while polling will also result in the termination of polling.

• Homework is a given in an honors class.
• Homework will not be “turned in tomorrow”; homework is either completed or not completed.
• Homework will consist of reading (20 pages +/- per night, vocabulary flashcards, studying for vocab quizzes, writing/revising essays, studying for tests).
• Plan on about 30-45 minutes/night.
• The final examination will be 20% of your total grade for the semester.
• All exams will remain on file until the end of the year; review of this exam is allowed.
• Exemptions will be allowed for an A average with a Renaissance card and NO English 
exemption from the previous semester.
The goal of this class is not a grade; it is an understanding and an appreciation of literature.