Witness: Allusions

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Pre-AP Sophomore English
Witness: Allusions

Assignment: Research the answers to the following questions/prompts. In your own words, in complete, thoughtful sentences, respond to the following. Type your document and send to by Nov. 6th. Include a works cited page, but this time, have an entry for each question in the order you answer them (not alphabetical).

Do not use Wikipedia or any other questionable source—try our library databases which include Britannica. Do NOT just Google the topic/person.

Define allusion as a literary term:

1. What is the KKK and what do they stand for/believe?

2. What is a minstrel show?

3. Who was Senator Frank Greene (1924) and what happened to him?

4. Who is Clarence Darrow and what is he famous for?

5. Who are Leopold and Loeb and what did they do that got them in trouble?

6. What is Griffith’s Birth of a Nation and what was the reaction to it?

7. Who is John Philip Sousa and what did he write?

8. What is a flapper?

9. Who is Mrs. Miriam Ferguson and why is she important?

10. Who is Helen Keller and what is her significance?

11. Who is Calvin Coolidge? (I already know he was President.)