Tues. Sept. 2
Syllabus review and expectations
HW assignment–create 15 interview questions for tomorrow
Administrative tasks.

Wed Sept. 3
Sample interview questions
Pair off students–conduct introductory interviews and take notes
Hand out writing terms
HW: Complete a one page write-up (type if possible) to introduce your partner in class tomorrow.
Writing Tip #1: Do NOT use the following words in your writing

Thurs. Sept 4
Presentations–present your partner to the class using your written product. Please hand in your questions/notes and final piece.

Fri. Sept. 5
Continue introductory presentations.
Review Codes
Listen to 2 songs about standing up for something (FUN, Aaron Tippin)–have students identify the “theme” in the song.
Discuss CLAIMS–make 3 verbal claims and have students go to the agree/disagree side and give a reason (evidence) that supports their side (topics: banning flip-flops, allowance, assessments only on Thursdays)
Hand out writing terminology

Mon. Sept 8
Continue with CLAIMS–finish Friday’s discussion.
Discuss agree.disagree statements for: Requiring students to eat lunch, using a written planner
Explain Claim/Thesis and counterclaim.
Essential Question: What is the Writing Process and why is it important?
New assignment sheet (on claims/counterclaims)–brainstorming topics

Tues. Sept 9
Brainstorm topics in class–should be school related
Take 5 topics and make an arguable claim/counterclaim for each (hand in when complete)

Wed. Sept. 10/Thurs. Sept 11
Claim and counterclaim identification
Group work: each group will read an article, identify the claim and counterclaim (if applicable), determine the arguments of the article (use chart paper) and present to class
Fill out “Tweet” on what you learned or a question you have

Fri. Sept. 12
Quick response to “Tweets”
Hand back and discuss the 5 Claims/Counterclaims you passes in
New Claim re-works–take the 5 sentences in class and rework the Claim so it is presented correctly–crystal clear and arguable.
Write your own claim for one of the suggested topics (having to do with school) and draft and open response with evidence. (Finish for homework)

Mon. Sept. 15
Take out open response drafts and discuss the incorporation of a counterclaim into the argument.
Class-made mock paragraph for a model: Flip flop claim, 3 pieces of evidence, counterclaim before the last piece of evidence, concluding sentence (on the board).
Now, with a partner really develop your counterclaim and figure out where to insert it. have a full draft for class tomorrow

Tues Sept. 16
Meet in 127–computer lab. Your goal is to type your entire open response, create an account at and send your draft to the file.

Wed. Sept 17
Meet back in 127
Lesson on Word–spacing, font, pagination
Lesson on Grademark: Show how to open your Grademark and work with the purple edits (quick touch on Originality reports)
Use your Grademark editing suggestions to guide your editing session–write all changes on paper and then go to Word and make alterations.

Thurs. Sept. 18
Final day in 127
Swap papers with a partner for CONTENT revision. Then, send your revised Open Response to the new Revision file.
Hand in your handwritten draft, typed hand-edited draft, and a final copy.

Fri Sept. 19
Grammar lesson on semi-colons: Review rules, fix sentences, create sentences.
Handout–new assignment–multi-paragraph essay explanation

Mon. Sept. 22
Multiple Intelligence survey
Overhead presentation on research: how to find credible research using WHS databases.
Choose topic for investigation (Thesis)
Review Essay “recipe”

Tues and Wed, Sept 23/24
Meet in library–desktop computers for research.
Find a minimum of 3 articles–read and highlight (HW) usable material to support your thesis–make sure you have a counterclaim

Thurs. and Friday Sept. 25/26
Bring research to class. Draft your entire essay these 2 days using the template provided.
Model intro Thesis/Structural Statement on board.

Mon and Tues Sept. 29/30
Meet in library.
Type essay and send to
You will have a works cited page with at least 2 sources

Wed. Oct 1
Meet in classroom–laptop carts available to put finishing touches on essay–send to
(note–lap top cart computers not working well)
HW: bring an object from home (or a picture of something) that is special/meaningful to you

Thurs. Oct 2
Quick: SRI update–instructions for tomorrow
Memoir Unit intro
In class–Freewrite on object (see HW last night)
HW–Read memoir passages

Fri Oct 3
Lexile testing room 237
Mon Oct 6 W 9-10.3 W 9-10.5 W 9-10.10
“Chapter memoir”
Memories writing prompt (intro activity)
Group work: explanation–why did the writer’s make the choices they have, what makes it a memoir (yellow handout)
“Dissecting a memoir”–4 groups/prompts–look at the elements

Tues Oct 7
Assignment guidelines for memoir piece
“Your life in chapters” brainstorming activity
Brainstorming and start first draft
HW: Finish first draft–at least one page

Wed Oct 8
Brief video clip – Writing Process
Review “Dissecting a Memoir” questions
Peer Conference with first rough draft using peer conference sheet
HW: None

Thurs Oct 9
PSAT Practice
Read article excerpt (from “Great Tips on How to Write Your Memoir”) and write-pair-share
Read and discuss student sample memoirs (“Lost and Found,” “The Box,” “Self-Portrait”)
Exit Slip: Lesson Feedback
HW: Finish PSAT Practice

Fri Oct 10
Review PSAT Practice
Explode a Moment exercise (take a moment in your memoir that could be “slow motion” in a movie and write a paragraph or two just about that moment) – Look at Miss Sitler’s example first
Thoughtshots & Snapshots Handout
Add some thoughtshots and snapshots to your memoir
HW: Finish a second draft over the long weekend that includes exploded moment, snapshots, and thoughtshots.

Tues Oct 14
Sentence Variety Handout – Covered in class:
Participial Phrases, dangling modifiers (music video), semicolons (The Oatmeal semicolon comic), FANBOYS conjunctions, and combining sentences lengths with a short sentence for emphasis
HW: Sentence Variety Practice Worksheet

Wed Oct 15
PSAT testing in the morning (should not affect G period) – we will be in 237
Review homework
Creating Sentence Variety in my Memoir worksheet (highlight five sentences in your draft to change, then rewrite them on the worksheet using the various techniques)
Start typing your memoir

Thurs Oct 16
Class is in room 237
Finish typing memoir
Hand out Memoir Draft Checklist – pass in draft materials up to third draft
Hand out “Lead Board” and “Creating Leads for my Memoir”
HW: Read “Lead Board” and complete creating leads worksheet

Fri Oct 17
Class is in 237
Review Leads homework – add it to your memoir or write a different lead if you want
Revision/Editing Checklists
Keep working on typing/revising your memoir
HW: Complete titles worksheet

Mon Oct 20
Class is in 127
Introduce submission to TeenInk assignment
Pass out Memoir Assignment Final Steps and Memoir Draft Checklist #2
Keep working on your memoir and finish AT LEAST step 5.
HW: Finish step #6 from Memoir Assignment Final Steps at home if you haven’t done it in class yet.

Tues Oct 21
Laptop carts in our regular room
All memoir materials are due. I will need the following from everyone:
1. Memoir Draft Checklist (with all required work/drafts)
2. Memoir Draft Checklist #2 (with all required work/drafts)
3. Final Draft with 4 Sentences highlighted or underlined and labeled (see step 8 on final steps)
4. TeenInk Confirmation Page Printout or Confirmation Email Printout
HW: None

Wed Oct 22
Memoir Reflection
Complete ten questions thoughtfully and thoroughly to reflect on your work during this unit.
HW: Complete Reflection if you didn’t finish in class.

Thurs Oct 23
Intro to Night
How much is a million?

Fri Oct 24
Anticipation guide for Night
Unit Calendar/Schedule
Explanation of ongoing vocabulary assignment
Intro to Holocaust history and Elie Wiesel
HW: Read page 1 through the top of page 12 and complete first vocab assignment

Mon Oct 27
Collect vocab assignment
Holocaust Map from
Article/Summary Presentation Assignment explanation
Review of how to write a summary and expectations for oral presentation
HW: Practice presenting your summary

Tues Oct 28
Oral presentations of Holocaust article summaries
HW: Read pages 12-20 and complete vocabulary

Wed Oct 29
Three Levels of Analysis
Text: What is happening in the text? What are character doing? Why are they doing these things? What are important events?
Self: How can I relate to the text? What is my reaction to the text? Does this remind me of anything that I have experienced or heard of?
World: Big ideas, essential questions – What is the author trying to convey through the text? Literature often explores ideas that are bigger than the text itself and bigger than individuals. What could some of those ideas in this text be?
Complete three levels of analysis worksheet in groups with assigned passage.
HW: None

Thurs Oct 29
Finish Group Work
“Jigsaw” (mix up) groups and share findings
HW: Read 21-43 and complete vocabulary

Fri Oct 31
Hand back memoirs & other paperwork
Go over final project assignment for Night
Vocabulary activity
HW: Pick a page/passage from last night’s reading (p. 21-43) and complete three levels of analysis worksheet using that passage.

Mon Nov 3
Discussion of reading of Night so far: Moshe the Beadle, religion, deportation, Madame Schachter, selection, work is liberty”

HW Read p. 44-62 and complete vocabulary

Tues Nov 4
Group discussion questions: animal imagery, gallows scenes, Kapos and responsibility

HW read P. 63-80 and complete vocabulary

Wed Nov 5
Literary terms: Antagonist, Protagonist, foreshadowing, imagery, allusion, and irony
Literary terms worksheet (define protagonist/antagonist and match up literary terms to quotations from Night then explain why the quotations fit those terms as well as discuss meaning of quotations)

HW read P. 81-92 and complete vocabulary

Thurs Nov 6
Finish literary terms
Concentration Camp slideshow from History Channel & video of interview with a survivor of the death marches
Discussion of reading pages 63-92 – create a timeline together on the whiteboard

HW finish the novel and complete vocabulary

Fri Nov 7
Learn a new reading strategy (re-reading, rating understanding, and noticing/questioning)
Apply the strategy to various poems from the Holocaust in groups

HW: Think about project options

Mon Nov 10
Share group findings from Friday with whole class
Finish watching Dan Pagis poem video & discuss
Discuss the Narrative Arc of Night with diagram handout

HW: Complete project starter worksheet. Bring this to class on Wednesday along with any other materials that you need to get started on your project.

Tues Nov 11
No School – Veterans Day

Wed Nov 12
Project work day

HW: Work on your project

Thurs Nov 13
District Determined Measure

HW: Work on your project

Fri Nov 14
District Determined Measure

HW: Work on your Project

Mon Nov 17
Assessing responsibility and the role of the bystander
HW work on project

Tues Nov 18
Elie Wiesel Nobel prize speech–read in class and answer analysis questions (finish for HW if needed)
DDM make-ups

Wed Nov 19
Prep for graded discussion

Thurs Nov 20
Graded discussion on Night
HW: work on project

Fri Nov 21
Night: Diction activity–define diction, with your group analyze the differences between the old and new translation of the novel.

Mon Nov 24
Quick finish to diction activity

Project work day–bring your materials
Reminder–poems need imagery

Tues Nov 25
No class–Pep rally

Mon Dec 1
Project presentations – Explain your project & response to essential question to the class.
Watch first part of Gerda Weissmann video and look for three comparisons with Night as we watch.

Tues Dec 2
Finish up project presentations
Finish watching Gerda Weissmann

Wed Dec 3
Turn in Night books
Review calendar for speech unit – we will be in 127 tomorrow (Thurs) and library on Friday to complete research for speeches
Speech requirements (2-4 minutes, probably about 2 pages in writing, need to site your sources in your written speech) and process
Go over potential speech topics – as we read through them star the ones that sound interesting to you

HW: Pick your top three topics, we will be choosing topics in class tomorrow (max of 2 people only can do the same topic, so have backups)

Thurs Dec 4
Computer lab – 127
Research your topic using school databases. Find at least four articles.
Exit ticket – report on your speech topic. How many sources did you find? What are the article titles?

Fri Dec 5
Continue researching your topic. Find at least two more articles for a total of six articles. Read, highlight, and take notes on your articles.

HW: Finish reading your articles and taking notes/highlighting.

Mon Dec 8
Writing Survey
New Calendar
Pearl Harbor speech with edits (ELMO)
Audience, Rhetorical Strategies–Ethos/Pathos/Logos (Schmoop video)
Outline handout (Elmo modeling)
HW–fill out the outline for your speech completely

Tues Dec 9
Using your completed outline, work on first draft of speech

HW: Continue working on your draft

Wed Dec 10
Work on draft–finish solid COMPLETE rough draft for HW

Thurs Dec 11
Computer lab – 237

Handout on Writing Tips and Inserting Quotations and Analysis
Type your speech
Revise and edit as needed

HW: Work on your speech if you need to catch up

Fri Dec 12
Computer lab – 237
Finish typing and submit to
Reminder to check the timing of your speech (should be 2-4 mins)–read your speech aloud
HW: Work on your speech if you need to catch up – FINAL DRAFT DUE AT THE END OF CLASS ON MONDAY!!!

Mon Dec 15
Computer lab – 237
Print your draft

Peer Conference
Go into Grademark on and use grademark to make handwritten changes on your printed speech draft
Make these handwritten changes in your Word document
Submit the final copy of your speech to the revision file on

Print a final copy of the speech to use

Tues Dec 16
Tips for delivering an effective speech
Analyze speech

Start practice round
HW–Practice delivery at home

Wed Dec 17
Oral presentation Tips
Evaluate a persuasive speech (video and rubric)
Practice Speeches

Thurs Dec 18
Editing and Practice–make sure your speeches go to by midnight

Fri Dec 19
Present Speeches

Mon Dec 22
Present Speeches

Tues Dec 23
Last minute clean-up presentations


Mon Jan 5
You have a writing terminology quiz on Friday–study your definitions
Hand back DDMs for review
MCAS Long Composition workshop–explanation of grading the long comp and look at Great Gatsby sample

Tues Jan 6
Group work–handout for Background/Thesis/Structural Statements and BIG IDEA–take the new MCAS prompt and write collectively a proper INTRODUCTION that is MCAS-worthy

Wed Jan 7
Continue introductions (finish in 20 minutes)
Start presenting Intros on the ELMO and critique the good points

Thurs Jan 8 2-hour delay
Present 3 more Introductions on Elmo
Discuss the importance of a structural statement and ACADEMIC language
HW–study for writing terminology quiz

Fri Jan 9
Writing Terminology Quiz

Mon Jan 12
No School–Snow Day

Tues Jan 13
CEI Writing: Sledding ban non fiction article–read article as a class and write your open response

Wed Jan 14
Finish sledding prompt and start CEI Cancer patient response

Thurs Jan 15
Shelter in place drill
Hand out and explain Mid-term exam study guides
Please finish your last CEI prompt

Fri Jan 16
1/2 day of school
Definition for interpretation–please copy from the board
last questions on Mid-term
Hand in CEI writing

Mid term week Jan 20-24

Finish CEI paragraphs for sledding prompt and CT teen with cancer (turn in)
Thursday–pre-writing for mid-term exam CEI writing
Friday–Midterm exam

Mon. Jan 26
Hand out 2nd copies of literary terms (if necessary)
Hand out The Catcher in the Rye
Intro to Salinger
HW read CH 1-3 (Tues HW is to read Ch 4-6)

Tues Jan 27
Snow Day
HW read Ch 4-6 The Catcher in the Rye

Wed Jan 28
Group work–values/identity, character analysis of Holden
HW read Ch 7-9 The Catcher in the Rye
Start to learn your literary terms for a quiz next Thursday

Thurs Jan 29
HW read Ch 10-12 The Catcher in the Rye

Fri Jan 30
HW read Ch 13-15 Catcher

Mon Feb 2
Snow day
HW read Ch 16-18 Catcher

Tues Feb 3
delay day
emplain the rules of the fishbowl (pink handout)
Hw Read Ch 19-20

Wed Feb 4
Fishbowl for credit in class–Legion, depression, title of book (1st happy scene kid in street), how he treats women, grief
SWBAT: Analyze the novel bringing out their own ideas and interpretation
HW read Ch 21-23
Study for literary term quiz for tomorrow

Thurs. Feb 5
Literary Term Quiz
Fishbowl for credit

HW read Ch 24/Complete 5 of the 10 boxes on the box chart handed out in class

Fri Feb 6
HW Read Ch 25-26 (finish the novel)
Group work in class–box chart Analysis of The Catcher in the Rye

Mon Feb 9–Snow Day no school

Tues Feb 10 2-hour delay
Test moved until after vacation (that Tuesday)
symbolism discussion: hat, museum, fielder’s mitt, carousel, ducks

Wed. Feb 11

Thurs. Feb 12
Science Fair
Fishbowl in class (need to cover fight with Sally, cemetery scene, James Castle, Mr. Antoloni’s speech)

Fri. Feb 12 1/2 day school PD
recap from yesterday–Test the Tuesday we return on Catcher
Science Fair continued

Mon. Feb 23
Discussion on censorship for Catcher and Essential Questions.
Test is tomorrow–multiple choice section and open response on symbolism–all symbolism material (notes) are on the website

Tues. Feb 24
Test–The Catcher in the Rye
HW: MCAS prep–“An Obsession” –read the speech and answer the 4 multiple choice questions that follow

Wed. Feb 25
Review for MCAS–collect HW “An Obsession”

Dissect the DDM question (MCAS based) literal and figurative battles
Start individual graphic organizers for Essay

Thurs. Feb 26
SRI testing

Fri. Feb 28
Review a “4” essay–The Maze Runner
Draft writing (potentially) for DDM essay (counts as a class grade) or finish graphic organizers

Mon. March 2
Writer’s Workshop for DDM
MCAS Extra Credit (due Thursday 3/12) 2 block charts for Long Comp. Night/Catcher

Tues. March 3
Start typing once finished

Wed. March 4
Continue to type essay (DDM)

Thurs. March 5
Final day with laptops–DDM Essay–send to and print in room 137

Fri. March 6
I have extended our time with the computers--we are meeting in 137 (where we did SRI testing).  Everyone needs to finish and send to
If you still need to make up SRI testing, please see me.
I will collect books on Monday.

Mon. March 9
Collect The Catcher in the Rye
Review Catcher tests
Initiating activity--Animals/Unicorns/Traits
Give background information on Tennessee Williams and a handout on the Glass Menagerie (review play terminology and characters)
Hand out The Glass menagerie “scripts”

Tues. March 10
Campaign Day for course selection
2nd handout for Menagerie–review the allusions and vocabulary for Act 1
Start reviewing the Production Notes (Screen Device and Music)

Wed. March 11
Finish the Production Notes–Music/Lighting
Explain the set constructions
Start acting out Scene 1 (with analysis of Tom’s monologue)
Reminder–extra credit due tomorrow

Thurs. March 12 1/2 day of school PD/Parent Conferences
Collect Extra Credit (MCAS Book reviews)
finish scene I–Amanda and her gentleman callers
Start scene II–Deception

Fri. March 13
Finish scene II and analyze
review vocab. for scene III and start

Mon. March 16
The Glass Menagerie scene 4 page 36

Tues. March 17
The Glass Menagerie
finish scene 4- then start scene 5 (leads to intermission)

Wed. March 18
video clip PBS American Repertory Theater production--look at set design
The Glass Menagerie--start scene 6--father has been gone 16 years--revelation

Thurs. March 19
Hand back Catcher tests and quickly review/discuss
HW--Complete Lost Sister multiple choice MCAS prompt
Finish scene 6 for Menagerie--Laura cannot handle seeing Jim, blessing said at dinner

Fri. March 20
Start scene 7 of Menagerie--plunging into eternal darkness (literal and metaphoric

Mon. March 23
MCAS prep--complete multiple choice and open response for "The Wave" in class and hand in

Tues. March 24
Finish acting out Menagerie--defect v crippled (Jim comes from the word of reality), he is not made out of glass, hope v despair, climax of play--kiss, final scene played through soundproof glass

Wed. March 25
asses DDM--hand back, review, and re-collect
Long composition tips
read aloud benchmarks 3-0 for "The Wave"

Thurs. March 26Hand backed scored open responses, self-asses and compare
hand back multiple choice for "Lost Sister" and "An Obsession"

Fri, March 26
Group work--analysis questions for The Glass Menagerie

Mon. March 30
MCAS prep for tomorrow--reading comprehension
Continue Menagerie analysis with epilogue ideas

Tues March 31
Rabbit Rabbit

Wed April 1

Thurs. April 2
MCAS Long Comprehension

Fri, April 3
No school--Good Friday

Mon April 6
Menagerie Analysis as a whole class--start with Tom's final monologue
Fill out quotation  Analysis ticket and discuss
HW read  e e cummings poem

Tues April 7
Continue with classroom analysis
Divide into groups and analyze the epigraph based on the cummings poem

Wed April 8
Finish epigraph analysis

Thurs April 9
Critical lenses intro and activity--feminist lens and Marxist

Fri April 10
Test on Play--multiple choice and literary terminology
Sign out The Bean Trees and hand back Menagerie

Mon April 13
Initiating activity The Bean Trees
HW read ch 1

Tues. April 14
Definition Research day--computer room.  Using Britannica and the Databases please find all of the definitions given--we need to understand these terms when examining the subplot of the novel which deals with illegals.
HW read Ch 2-3

Wed. April 15
Discuss the exposition and point of view.  Discuss Taylor's name change (what does it have to do with identity) and life in Kentucky.  What is the conflict?
Write down a discussion point.

HW read Ch 4/5

Thurs. April 16
Continue exposition analysis with conflict.  Start using the questions for Ch 1-7.

Fri April 17
In class reading day for Chapter 8.  


Mon April 27
Quick finish to chapter 1-7 questions
hand back immigration definitions and review sanctuary

Tues. April 28
Discussion for quiz--Mattie's role (immigration and mentor to Taylor), stereotyping or categorizing Estevan and Esperanza (use your immigration definition sheets), intro of 2 minor characters--Edna Poppy and Virgie Mae, make sure your review the How They Eat inHeaven tale

HW read CH 9/10

Wed. April 29
Bean Trees Quiz
Guatemalan Civil war article--read

HW Read CH 11/12

Thurs. April 30
Discussion of Ch 8 The Bean Trees, quick review of Ch 9/10 and group work on LIE Questions for these chapters.

Discussion on Ismene and Esperanza--relate to Gualtemalan Civil War idea

HW Read CH 13

Fri. May 1
Continue with Guatemala--video from PBS--The Disappeared
United States complicit
HW Read CH 14
Night blooming cereus/blackbird--symbolism

Mon. May 4
Reminder about Friday's discoveries--relate real life Guat. civil war to the immigration experience of Estevan and Esperanza
Backtrack on discussion of Nature--page 124 and the bird in the cactus making a home
HW Read CH 15

Tues. May 5
Conversation tickets for Ch 11-13--fill out and discus ideas in class (everyone must participate for credit)
HW Read CH 16/17

Wed. May 6
Finish conversation ticket--department of social services, blackbirds/sparrow, cameo
Explanation of annotation (handouts)
Whole class practice of annotation with pages 164-165  Use ELMO
Diction: devil, her--gender specific pronouns (?)
Content--dream helps the reader to understand Taylor's depth of feeling to Estevan after the couch scene
similes: fragile looking as glass beads, 
personification--embrace of spiny branches, flashlight beam has found

Thurs. May 7
With a partner, annotate pages 184-185 and share findings with the class on the ELMO

Fri. May 8
review Bean Trees Quiz
Continue Annotation--186-187 and 192-193

Mon. May 11
Group work the Bean Trees Ch 14-17
Question Sheet (reaction to Oklahoma, identity, Shirley Poppy, Climax, 4 "burials"  
Continue your annotation of 186-187 for HW

Tue. May 12
Discuss yesterday's group work
Discuss resolution--catharsis and rhizobia as a symbol

Wed. May 13
Discussion on birds symbolism/importance--5 birds/5 groups each reporting out (Sparrow in the house, dead blackbird, bird building a nest in the cactus, Quetzal, rooster,  and the quail)
Explore the themes--importance of family, names as identity markers, necessity of communities to help those in need to survive

Thurs. May 14
Test on The Bean trees--multiple choice, open response

Fri. May 15
collect novel (The Bean Trees)

New Essay Assignment--Argument--continued use of a novel in the curriculum
Explain assignment sheet

Mon. May 18
Finish pre-writing and start drafting

Tues. May 19
Drafting Day

Wed. May 20
Drafting Day

Thurs. May 21
Typing Essay

Fri. May 22 1/2 day
Essay due at the end of class--turn in handwritten draft also.

Mon.May 25
Hand out Ordinary People and start initiating activity

Tues. May 26
Finish Initiating activity and read Ch 1-3 (Finish for HW)
Discuss omniscient narrator technique
Wed. May 27
Final round of SRI testing in room 237
HW is to read OP Ch. 4-6

Thurs. May 28
Initial discussion and context clues (razor blade bad), Jordan, dynamic of family, italics and flashbacks

Fri May 29
Catch up on plot discussion (students are behind in their reading); dissect Initial meeting with Dr. Berger
HW read Ch 10-13 over the weekend

Mon. June 1
Introduce Project Sheet on Powerpoint (Due 6/12)  
Complete conversation ticket
HW read ch 14-18

Tues June 2
HW reas Ch 19-21

Wed June 3
in class silent reading CH 22/23 or use laptops for Powerpoint

Thurs. June 4
Novel analysis
Discussion includes Xmas fight (what we learn about Beth and the hospital), Berger sessions (who it is who can't forgive whom), the suicide attempt (bathroom scene)

Fri  June 5
HW read CH 24/25
Computer lab 237--working on Powerpoints/Research today

Mon. June 8
P. 204--discussion--recap of the accident
HW read Ch 26-27

Tues. June 9
Finish discussion on flashbacks, Karen and the not-so-perfect kids
HW--Finish the novel Ch 28 and epilogue

Wed and Thurs. June 10-11
Meet in Library to finish the Powerpoints

Fri June 12
Present PowerPoints in classroom

Mon June 15
Start final exam study guide (Gold Sheets--2 open response questions--there will be 10 multiple choice questions about Ordinary People on the Exam

Tues June 16
We do not meet

Wed June 17
Final day to work on Final Exam Pre-writing/organizing

Thurs June 18
Final discussion on the end of the novel--Conrad's session with Berger (Climax of the novel), Beth's leaving (falling action), Lazenby conversation/realization that Beth loves him (quotation/resolution)

Fri June 19
Final Exam