Westfield Faces Project
March 8, 2019 -

The Westfield Promise class and the Pre-AP/AP art classes were joined by students from pottery, photography and technology to go on a sample art walk and to start previewing the project components.  We brought along samples from a recent WSU student interview and all of the teachers were able to share their particular component of the project.  

Afterwards, the staff got together and we were very much impressed with the excitement and interest of the students.  We offered areas for ideas and suggestions and some cool ideas are percolating for this project.  

Next step:  We are going to be sending out invitations to our prospective interviewees and setting up interview schedules.  We will also be scheduling a guest lecturer - Robert Floyd, to come and speak about photographic portraits for sometime in late March.  Beginning March 18th we are going to be clearing out a space in our school cafeteria (formerly the School Store) in order to setup a mock photography studio. 

Our technology teacher has also setup a QR code for cell phones to connect to a page on our website, which will both serve to advertise our project but will also be a location for the art show to be featured digitally.  Technology and marketing students will also be assisting with advertising components.  

faces faces faces
faces faces faces

February 14, 2019 -

Room 117 is decorated with sample sample portraits from famous painters and photographers.  Students from Mrs. West's class and Mrs. Biancuzzo's class peruse the art gallery and make notes on the images that most capture their attention.  For some students this is their first visit to an art gallery. 

Faces 1st Step feb 14
feb 14 feb 14

February 11, 2019 -

After viewing classical works of portraiture, Mrs. Biancuzzo's students are invited to Mrs. West's class to get a hands-on lesson on creating portraits.  

2/11 faces
2/11 faces 2/11 faces
2/11 faces 2/11 faces 2/11