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Mrs. Stratton & Ms. Sawyer

April 27, 2018

The Business Department's students heard from Western New England University (WNEU) professor Dr. Tomolonis and our students Dana Toimil, Shemron Ross, Rob Carmichael about career opportunities in Accounting!  They have returned for their their 3rd visit this school year and again were a big hit (for more details about what they discuss, see Oct 6th/13th below)!


February 5, 2018

Dylan Pilon from Cloud 9 Marketing Group, a Digital Marketing Agency, visited Westfield High School Business Department's Marketing, Advanced Marketing, Financial Literacy, and Accounting classes.  He shared his experiences to date (he's only 26), from graduating East Longmeadow High School in 2009 to starting his own company Cloud 9 Marketing Group in December 2014 on a part-time basis then making the transition to full-time in September 2016.  He shared about his journey from Holyoke Community College ("HCC") to graduating UMASS's Isenberg School of Management with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.   

Dylan's using his "Millennial" background to connect with businesses to help them build relationships with their customers, online.  Dylan thinks life is about who you know and timing but relationships are about depth, not width.

Thank you Dylan! 
Dylan, Alison, NicoleDylan - Classroom

January 2018

Thank you!  During the first semester, the Introduction to Business students put together requests for funding for a new color printer, through DonorsChoose, which was delivered in January!

"Thanks to your donation we reached our goal of getting a color printer for our classroom. These business classes give students the opportunity to learn valuable life skills and in a building where printer use is very restricted, students in these classes were not able to take lessons as far as they could have with a printer. Now that they have one that is exclusive to their learning, our business classes here at WHS have been more hands than ever.  We want you to know our appreciation goes deeper than just for our new printer, your willingness to help improve our learning environment and charitable actions have shown our students the importance of giving back to the community."


January 10th, 2018

The final speaker of the semester was Michele Cabral, HCC's Interim Dean of Business, Technology, and Hospitaity & Culinary Arts.  The students found her to be "one of the best speakers" they've ever heard.  She spoke about the importance of saving early (especially if you want to be a millionaire), the unfortunate fact that "life isn't fair", how each of us are responsible for caring about our own self-esteem, and how life is a journey.  The students found Michele to be inspiring and relatable as she shared parts of her personal story and the challenges she's overcome.  And to quote one of the attendees, if Michele were to return, "I'd love to hear her talk about literally anything."  Michele has also offered to be a mentor to any of the WHS students, so please reach out Ms. Sawyer or Mrs. Stratton for her contact info. Thank you Michele!
Michele Cabral

December 8th, 2017

The Business Department's students had the opportunity to learn about the world of retail from (retired) Professor Anne Potter.  Anne shared her experiences owning different types of retail businesses, explaining how retailing - selling to the ultimate end user - has changed since the 70's and occurs through a number of different sales channels.  These sales can happen online, in a brick-and-mortar storefront, through direct sales, or even direct mail.  Anne also learned a few things from students, including how some of them make money - through the online App GOAT where sneakerheads can buy and sell sneakers. We thank Anne for speaking to our students and to our students for teaching us a few things.

Anne Potter

October 6th and 13th, 2017

The Business Department's students heard from Western New England University (WNE) students Dana Toimil, Shemron Ross, Rob Carmichael and their professor Paul Tomolonis about career opportunities in Accounting!  They shared their varied paths getting to WNE - Dana has attended since freshman year, Shemron is a transfer student from STCC, and Rob is a transfer student from HCC - and they are all accounting majors.  They communicated the opportunities available to accountants, including skill development, global experiences, and rapid advancement - in addition to the financial compenstation.  The students also shared their internship experiences as well as walked through the advantages they saw going to WNE , including the Career Development Center, networking opportunities, financial aid, study abroad program, and SAP Certification.  The students are sponsored by KPMG - the fastest growing of the Big Four accounting firms in the US - who offer audit, tax, and advisory services.  We thank WNE for their enthusiasm and for sharing what they've learned.

September 28th, 2017

The Business Department's Introduction to Business and Entrepreneurship classes heard from Westfield native and owner of the Scrub Peddler, Ellen Majka. Majka, a graduate of WHS (whose two sons also graduated from Westfield High School), shared her journey on becoming a small business owner. The students learned about how Ellen originally developed her idea, the initial investment needed, her target market and how she reaches them, and why she doesn't have a storefront. The lessons she shared introduced marketing, the business department's next topic of study. Thank you Ellen Majka for sharing your experiences with our students.