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Have a question or concern? Need to contact the office or a teacher about an assignment or upcoming event? Please feel free to send us an email, call, or book an appointment and we can help go over any pressing issues or concerns you might have.


  • 177 Montgomery Road, Westfield, MA 01085

  • Phone Numbers:

    • School phone: 1-413-572-6466
    • School fax: 1-413-572-6346
    • Athletic Office: 1-413-572-6484
    • Guidance Office: 1-413-572-6475
    • Nurse: 1-413-572-6482
    • Special Education: 1-413-562-9623

    Staff Directory:

    Principal – Mr. Charles Jendrysik
    Assistant Principal, Mr. Kevin Zdroykowski
    Assistant Principal, Mr. Daniel Paquette
    Assistant Principal, Ms. Christal Murphy
    Assistant Principal, Ms. Julie Ann Schortmann
    Special Education Supervisor –  Mrs. Kim Dion
    Athletic Director –  Mr. Ryan Dunphy

    School Resource Officer – Ofc. James Summers
    Custodial Services – Mr. William Bancroft (Senior) 
    Food Services – Ms. Barbara Peretti
    Network Specialist – Ms. Karen Bashaw

    Department Supervisors
    ELA and Reading – Mrs. Mary Keane
    Math - Ms. Kate Perez
    Science – Ms. Lauren Figy
    Social Studies – Mr. Jason Taylor
    Physical Education – Mr. Ryan Dunphy A.D.


    English Language Arts, Library
         English, Language Arts
    Alves, Helena
    Biancuzzo, Kristen
    DeChristopher, Joseph
    Ferrara, Cara
    Souders-Gauthier, Jennafer
    Keenan, Jill
    Larsen, Emily
    LeClair, Patricia
    Mason, Paul
    Roberts, Lyn
    Simon, Kelly
    TeVelde, Randall
    Tiskus, Tawnya

          Berestka, Sandra

    Collins, Jen
    Eidinger, Patricia
    Farnham, Ann
    Joseph, Andrew
    Lacas, Tracy
    Leavy, Mary
    McArdle, Andrew
    McKenzie, Catherine
    Pananos, Mark
    Raposa, Lianne
    Shannon, Tammy
    Spencer, Sara
    Williams, Brian

    Stratton, Nicole

    Aldrich, Deborah
    Day, Brendan
    Detloff, Karen
    Fiore, Deborah
    Koloski, Kyle
    Lamas, Savanna
    Levesque, Jennifer
    McKay, Donna
    Myers, James
    Pawul, Kathleen
    Rymasz, Jonathan
    Smith, Christina
    Sweeney, Renee
    Tyler, Jon

    Technology/Computer Science
    Whitaker, Karen

    Social Studies
    Bodo, Thomas
    Condon, Patrick
    Daley, William
    Dargie, Mark
    DeGray, Marcia
    Furcick, Allyson
    Ingraham, Michael
    Koffinke, Scott
    Lewis, Thomas
    Mouchantat, Elie
    O’Neil, Thomas
    Piper, Robert
    Sheehan, Daniel
    Vanasse, John

    World Language Education & English Language Education
    Baranowski, Diana
    Morin, Mathew
    Winters, Virginia

    World Languages
    Al-Rekaby, Carrie
    Ayer, Mary
    Bourdeu-Root, Nathalie
    Crean, Carole
    D'Agostino, Anna
    Desmond, Stephanie
    Hauser, Martina
    Satkowski, Aimee

    Fine Arts

         Family/Consumer Science      
     Auclair, Deborah
         Stillings, Courtney

    DeFranca, Monica
         West, Karen
         Willey, Susanne

         Bruno, Korey
         Kennedy, Patrick

         Health Education
    Baitler, Kim
         Hartmann, Jennifer

    Special Education

    Ascolillo, Anthony
    Aubin, Aron
    Boyer, Kerri Ann
    Busiere, Carolyn
    Clark, Peter
    Cahill, Brian
    Corbett, Sarah
    Cotto, Jennifer
    Craven, Scott
    DiGiovanni, Samantha


    Elander, Sherry

    Physical Therapist
    Albee, Courtney

    Occupational Therapist
    Tymeson, Kerri

    School Psychology
    Butler, Andrew

    Speech/Language Pathologist
    Farnham, Diane

    Speech/Language Assistant
    McEwan, Donna

    Autism Therapy
    Kennedy, Karen

    Vision Specialist
    Bahl, Julie

    Physical Education
    Athletic Director:  Ryan Dunphy
    Biza, Stephanie
    Crane, Gabriel
    Kuc, Kalli
    Parker, Maureen
    Wingate, Tyler

    Athletic Trainer
    Danio, James

    Counseling Services

         Fiordalice, Carrie
         Fiore, Josepe   
         Griffin, Nicole
         Salzer, Carrie

    Asselin, Merylina
         Coe, Robert
         Healy, Patricia
         Nunes, Angela
         Puleo, Kristen
         Stopa, Megan

    Health Services
    Elander, Samantha, RN, BSN
            Potts, Elizabeth