2020 WHS Yearbook Information

Order Yearbook Important Yearbook Dates for SENIORS!

October 1st – Online Yearbook Sales Begin!

Go to the first page of our school website and click on the link to order your yearbook online, or go here directly!

In school sales will begin soon as well!  Listen for the announcements


October 18 – Senior Quotes are Due!

Turn in your quote to the main office to the box labeled “Quotes” on the counter.  Think carefully about your quote…it should represent the person you are inside and be unique to you.  Quotes can be up to 30 words in length, and should be given appropriate credit for the author, if known.  As in the past, if you choose the same quote as another classmate, our staff will contact you to make you aware, and decide if you’d like to change it or keep it.  If you do not provide an appropriate quote by the deadline, our staff will choose one for you. Yearbooks are forever –so pick something that will last!


November 15th – Senior Pictures are Due!

If you’ve had your photograph professionally done, they will submit your choice of pose to Mrs. Pawul, yearbook advisor, directly to her email:  All senior pictures need to be vertical, head-and-shoulder style photos – not horizontal or full body poses.  School dress code must be maintained, so please dress appropriately. Photo quality should be at least 300 dpi.  All photos must be the original, and provided with the permission of the photographer. The photos can use any background: indoor, outdoor, any color you’d like.  If you are submitting your photographs yourself, please follow the same instructions as for the professionally submitted photographs. Any questions? Please feel free to send Mrs. Pawul an email or stop by room 302 anytime.


December 1st – Parent Ads are Due!

Pretty soon, you and your family will be receiving information regarding the purchase of a senior ad for you in the yearbook.  The ads come in four different sizes with varying costs, and parents can submit pictures of you as a baby, growing up, special achievements, or favorite memories of your childhood!  They can design their own page, or have one of our talented layout artists make it for them…all we need are their pictures and a message to go along with them! I bet you were cute as a little kid!!!  We all can’t wait to see!

In the future:

Panoramic Pictures will be taken… to follow

Senior Sibling sign-ups …. Info and dates to follow

20/20 Vision