2021 WHS Yearbook Information

October 13, 2020

Hello Parents and Guardians of a Graduating Senior!

I’m writing to you on behalf of the WHS Yearbook Staff, who would like me to keep you informed in all matters which are yearbook- related!  

This senior year will be like no other! But yearbook-wise, some things will be different, some things will still be the same, and other things will be even  better!

What will be DIFFERENT?

1. Usually, the yearbook staff produces a book which can be handed out to seniors upon their graduation in early June.  This year, we are holding back production for distribution in August.  This will allow us to include more events that will happen after the April deadline which usually must be met in order to have them ready to hand them out in time for graduation.  (More about this in the “BETTER” section!)

2. Thanks to this later distribution date, we can accept SENIOR PICTURES at a later date!  We will shoot for senior pictures to be sent in by JANUARY 1st 2021… a full two months later than normal.  This should give adequate time for seniors to schedule pictures to be taken.  Senior class officers have informed me that they will be providing a list of possible photographers that may be available for such use.  Once a photo has been decided upon for use in the yearbook, it should be forwarded to   The only requirements for the photo is that it is a VERTICAL picture, and is basically a head-and-shoulders shot (no full body standing poses) in order to maintain the look of the page as a whole.  Pictures can have any background and can be full color or black-and-white.  Photos should be the originals.  ID pictures can be used in lieu of this submission, as always.

3. All senior picture emails will be responded to with a confirmation stating that the photo was an acceptable quality for publication and the date it was uploaded.  If you don’t receive an email, it wasn’t received - so please be sure to check that you’ve seen this confirmation!

What will be the SAME?

1. The COST!  Amazingly, we were able to keep our contract with the publisher and although many other school’s yearbooks have had to raise their prices, we have not!   The cost of the 2021 Yearbook will still be $80!   It can be ordered ONLINE at the following link:


2. We always appreciate parents and guardians who are able to place this order as soon as possible, as it allows us to make our downpayment in time to not pay any finance charges and subsequently saves us from having to increase the price from year to year as well.  So THANK YOU in ADVANCE for ordering EARLY!

3. As always, if you would prefer to pay by check, please make the check payable to “Westfield High School Yearbook” for $80 and include your child’s full  name in the memo.  

4. The staff will also be looking for SENIOR QUOTES from your children to compliment their photo in the senior section!  Details to follow soon!

5. You will also have the opportunity to PLACE A SENIOR PARENT AD (so get those baby pictures ready!!)  Details will be heading your way in November!

What will be BETTER?

1. Thanks to our distribution in August, we will be able to INCLUDE ALL SPRING EVENTS!  Spring Sports, Prom, Graduation… all the most wonderful things will be able to be showcased in this year’s book!

2. Our STAFF is EXPERIENCED and TALENTED and already working hard… so this yearbook is going to be even better than the ones before - and that is saying a lot!

I’ve been the advisor for so many years - but even with all my experience putting together a yearbook, I’m sure this year will still throw a curveball or two my way… so be on the lookout for some additional information or requests as we roll with the changes!

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions - I will try my best to help! 

Thank you in advance for all of your support - and thank you for sharing your children with us all at WHS!  Stay strong, and stay healthy.. and like our theme, remember “it’s the little things” that make the big things worthwhile in the end    :)

Kate Pawul

Yearbook Advisor

peacefully reading